Justin Aavik

Junior Software Developer

Skills Projects



React TypeScript JavaScript HTML CSS




Capstone Project JavaScript MySQL React Express.js

ReQuest is a support request management system that has an emphasis on being simple, user friendly and fast.

This was my final capstone project for my certificate of software engineering through the Institue of Data and University of Technology Sydney.

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Truis Connect

Professional MySQL Python JavaScript HTML CSS

Truis Connect is an asset/order management web app used by customers and Truis staff to track sales and orders. They previously used a terminal interface to interact with the database and I was hired to help migrate it to a web app.

My Contributions

I wrote majority of the SQL queries to connect data from the database to the front-end. The queries had to be sortable, searchable and quick. I also implemeted the functionality of buttons/lists/search/filters created by our designer.


Connected IT Software Installer

Professional PowerShell

A PowerShell script which silently installs software used by Connected IT and changes some Windows settings to automate the process of setting up new computers. The right side box displays what is currently being installed, its status and if the script has finished running. The Webroot dropdown is connected to an API to place the user into its correct location and apply policies.

My Contributions

I wrote the entire application and when I left Connected IT it was being used everytime a new laptop was setup.



Personal Bootstrap HTML/CSS Azure Web Apps

My personal portfolio to showcase my projects.

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